Latest Trends health star rating

Why the Health Star Rating Isn’t Working

It’s been one year since the government launched the Health Star Food Rating System, and it doesn’t seem to be having the desired effect. Confectionary items (such as strawberry liquorice)…

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Latest Trends Apple Watch

Wearables: Do they Work in Getting Us Moving?

The union of smartwatches and fitness trackers was inevitable. It had been a slow start with a few standouts like Garmin’s Vivoactive ($339) and Fitbit’s Surge ($350), but the Apple Watch ($499) has…

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Latest Trends IMG_8593[1]

60 seconds with Olympian Eloise Wellings

After taking out first female in just over 73mins at the Sydney Morning Half Marathon, I chat to 32yo Eloise ‘Elzy’ Wellings on how she manages training for the upcoming World…

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Latest Trends Treadmill

New High Tech Treadmills

Treadmills are about to get a whole lot more exciting! I’ve never really heard anyone rave about how much they enjoy running on a treadmill but maybe that is all…

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Latest Trends Apple watch fit bit

Apple Watch Vs Fitbit

Can you tell I’m excited!?! The highly anticipated arrival of the Apple Watch, the latest player on the wearable technology scene, brought with it speculation about just how smart watches…

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Latest Trends burpee

Benefits of the Burpee!

A Burpee is the Broccoli of Exercise – so much goodness coming from one thing! Mention the exercise Burpee and for some reason we start sweating even before attempting one!…

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