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Are you like me and need that little sweet something at the end of the day? Don’t panic, you can still lose weight and have a small treat. I wouldn’t recommend eating dessert every day, however on those few days per week that dessert is a must, I like to eat something low fat (under 6 grams) and low in calories (under 200 calories). Take a look at my favorite low fat, easy to prepare desserts.

1. Roasted Peach halves with brown sugar 205cal, 6g fat

Mmmmmm! Halve a peach, remove the stone and place on baking tray. Put ½ teaspoon of butter in each stone hole, then sprinkle ½ tablespoon of brown sugar over peach and in hole. Bake until butter and sugar are melted and the peach is soft and warm-hot. Serve with low fat ice cream.

Peach – 55cal, 0g fat

Brown sugar – 1tbspn, 45cal, 0g fat

Butter – 1 tsp, 35cal, 4g fat

Ice Cream – Peter’s light and creamy low fat: 100ml scoop, 70cal, 2g fat

2. Fresh Mango and low fat yoghurt, 210cal, 1g fat

Cut the 2 sides off the mango and slice into cubes. Serve with a big dollop of yoghurt.

Mango (medium size): 110cal, 1g fat

Yoghurt – Jalna biodynamic: 100cal, 0fat

3. Lattice apple puffs and low fat ice cream, 196cal, 6g fat

Pampas is my favorite brand. Pop one in the oven and serve with low fat ice cream

Ice cream – Peters light and creamy low fat ice cream:100ml scoop, 70cal, 2g fat.

One lattice puff, Pampas: 126cal, 4g fat

4. Nanna’s Low fat apple pies, 205cal, 4g fat

Pop one in the oven, and have on its own or if you must, low fat yoghurt

Apple pie – Nanna’s Lite apple pies: 205cal, 4g fat

5. Rice pudding, 165cal, 4g fat

Le Rice is my favorite brand, and vanilla is the best flavor.

Rice Pudding – Le Rice: One tub, 165cal, 4g fat

6. Dark chocolate dipped in chamomile tea 130 cal, 6g fat

Use Old Gold brand. I know Lindt chocolate is amazing, but it has almost double the fat content than Old Gold!

Serve chamomile tea (no honey needed), and dip chocolate in. ¼ of a 100g block.

Dark Chocolate 45% cocoa – Old Gold 45%, ¼ block, 128cal, 7g fat

Chamomile tea – 2cal, 0g fat

Do you have any really easy, low fat desserts to add to the list? The rules are that they need to be under 200 calories and 7grams of fat or less.

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  • Tom Parker – Free Fitness Tips

    I’ve got into natural yoghurt in a big way recently and been having it with fruit most mornings for breakfast. The favourite combination I have found is natural or greek yoghurt with fresh pineapple :-)

  • Amelia Burton

    Hi Tom,

    That sounds delicious! Pineapple can have such a tart taste sometimes but I bet it goes really well with natural or Greek style yoghurt. Good combo. Also try Pomegranates. Sprinkle a few on yoghurt with some chopped pistachio nuts, mmmmm!

  • GarykPatton

    I have been looking looking around for this kind of information. Will you post some more in future? I’ll be grateful if you will.

  • Amelia Burton

    Sure Gary,

    Also click on my nutrition and weight loss tab for more posts like this one.


  • aline=

    it’s berries season!
    everyday I have one cup of berries (blueberries, strawberries and raspberries) and jalna lf yoghurt, sprinkle with a few nuts and sometimes, half fresh passionfruit pulp as well…. hmmmmmmmm

  • Radhika

    Thanks for the roasted peach recipe – to make it a little syrupy I added a small amount of orange juice at the bottom of a casserole dish with a broken cinnamon stick – the smells & flavours were amazing! I don’t like ice cream (yes odd) so I had a dollop of creme fraiche to cut through the sweetness. Hard to believe something that tastes so good isn’t so sinful after all!

  • Amelia Burton

    Oh Radhika,

    I am salivating at your suggestions. Peaches have just come in season where I am so guess what I’ll be making tonight!

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