New High Tech Treadmills

Amelia Phillips

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TreadmillTreadmills are about to get a whole lot more exciting!

I’ve never really heard anyone rave about how much they enjoy running on a treadmill but maybe that is all about to change?

Treadmill Matches Your Pace

Researchers out of the Ohio State University have designed a new treadmill that automatically matches your pace as you run. Using Sonar technology the treadmill picks up where the runner is on the treadmill (front or back) and adjusts the speed accordingly. If you’re at the front, the speed increases and if you have slipped to the back of the belt the speed decreases.

To use Associate Prof Devor’s words the ‘dreadmill’ is boring and monotonous. Some of you will also be familiar with the annoyance of manually adjusting the speed during your sprint session! This new design promises to make the changing of speed ‘seamless’ with more of a natural feeling, like you are running outside.

Performance improved by 7%

While the developers were underway they also found it provided better accuracy when measuring aerobic capacity. In this particular study they had 13 experienced endurance runners take a VO2 test using both a standard treadmill and the new model. The results showed that VO2 results were up to 7% better on the new model.

While its sounding more and more appealing, commercialisation of the product could be some time away and then you need to wait for your gym to get on board.

So for now, its back to the ‘dreadmill’. At least we can continue watching funny YouTube videos of people falling off the back!


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