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From empowering entrepreneurs to elite athletes and beach babes to respected doctors, the inspiration to live a healthy and fit life is at our fingertips, quite literally.

What’s amazing is these key players of the fitness industry aren’t just after a double tap, they’re the kind who are engaging with their followers 24/7, encouraging them to post their own sweaty selfies, motivating them to squat more, plank for longer, eat cleaner, run harder, find a balance within themselves and pause for gratitude.

Here are six of the most inspiring front-runners of the industry, followed by six up & comers who are slowing taking over. Follow them all, trust me, you won’t regret it.


Jillian Michaels, LA-based
Popular for being a no-nonsense trainer on The Biggest Loser, and possibly the most popular fitness trainer in the U.S. She’s hardcore, intense and doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes to breaking up a sweat when training.

  • Her rules: Eat organically, train hard and be kind to yourself. She was really hardcore trainer on The Biggest Loser but since quitting in 2014, she’s shown a much kinder and gentle side to her training and fitness philosophies.
  • Why follow her? If you’re after weight loss-driven content and inspiration, then this is your safest bet. There are tons of real life stories of men and women on her website who she’s helped lose weight. You’ll be encouraged to try her latest exercise routine, and perhaps even treat yourself to a workout DVD, or two.
  • Facebook: 2.5 Million // Twitter: 1.1 Million // Youtube: 10,000 // Pinterest: 80,000 // Instagram: 163K // Website
Lorna Jane, Brisbane-based
lorna janePopular initially for being a great fitness clothing brand, but soon Lorna Jane made a brand out of her own self and her personal health and fitness philosophies. A great business entrepreneur and also an author!
  • Her rules: Make Nourish and Believe encourages to live the best life you’ve lived yet. Giving daily dose of inspiration, especially targeted at the young millennial culture around the world (especially obvious through the Instagram page)
  • Why follow her? targeted very specifically at a 20-something girl. While it’s about health and fitness, the writing has a lot of references to pop culture and its icons, also the tone is very casual and peppy. Great real-life interviews with people who are inspiring in the industry. Imagery on the website is great, also the recipes are all original.
  • Facebook: 1.1 Million //  Twitter: 33.3K // Instagram: 407K // Pinterest: 166K // Website
Dr. Mehmet Oz, New York City-based

dr ozPopular for being known as the ‘most trusted doctor in America’, he has his own Emmy-winning TV show called Dr Oz Show, and he also has his own wellness and health magazine, The Good Life.

  • His rules: Dr Oz has a very medical approach to everything related to weight loss or eating well; and because of his medicine background, he adds authority to everything he talks about or recommends.
  • Why follow him? If you’re a follower of his TV show, then you’d probably want to check out the website and his social media pages for a follow-up to all the newsworthy topics he discusses. You can also find lots of recipes on nutritious food that will aid weight and fat loss.
  • Facebook: 5.3 Million //  Twitter: 3.66 Million // Instagram: 70K // Website

Michelle Bridges, Sydney-based 

mish bridgesPopular for being Australia’s #1 Health and Fitness expert, author of 10 bestselling books, The Biggest Loser trainer and co-founder of 12WBT, this name and face aren’t unknown in this continent.

  • Her rules: Super simple – eat smart, move and know your body.
  • Why follow her? So you can see how her simple fitness philosophy works and for how many people. Her website is filled with success stories plus how you can get that for yourself as well via 12WBT’s successful training program.
  • Facebook: 71K //  Twitter: 103K // Instagram: 73K // Website 


Gwyneth Paltrow from GOOP, LA-based
Gwyneth Paltrow and One Kings Lane Celebrate "My Father's Daughter"
Possibly considered the most controversial health and wellness platform on the Internet, this Gwyneth Paltrow-run website is a front-runner of the cleansing and detox industry. Popular for attention-grabbing and extravagant healthy living ideas, all being very organic, sometimes unattainable by ‘regular’ people with no celebrity status attached to them.

  • Her rules: It’s where food, mindfulness, shopping, travel and good health combine; an unbiased approach to all things that make a person content and their life is worth living.
  • Why follow her: What GOOP offers is all very quirky and strategically inclined to its cleansing, organic-eating audience. You’ll find every strange topic of discussion on here, from detoxing and infrared saunas to juicing plans and tantric sex. And with Tracy Anderson being the BFF, her name and face is all over the site as well.
  • Facebook: 145K //  Twitter: 62.5K // Instagram: 171K // Youtube: 9000 // Website


Lola Berry, Sydney-based
lola berry
Popular for being a very Bondi, very hippie but luxe hippie Nutritionist; she’s also the woman behind the famous 20/20 Diet book (how to lose 20 kilos in 20 weeks).

  • Her rules: Lola is all about going sugar, grain, gluten and dairy free. She reaches out to a mega niche market, and her followers buy the lifestyle she sells on her social media platforms.
  • Why follow her? Content, nothing that stands out on the website itself but all her popularity is driven by the imagery and content on her social media channels. The recipe videos on Youtube are really nicely filmed, but the recipes are all of the ‘sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free’ category. The articles on the website (very few) are a personal narrative, and not memorable.


Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up, LA-based

TIU-6Two best friends, your online trainers and lifestyle coaches – these two self-claimed beach babes know everything you want to know about fitness and training. They’re trained PTs in sports medicine and nutrition science, so you know that everything they recommend is coming well backed up with authenticity and knowledge. They have been featured in editorial magazines such as Shape, SELF, Fitness, Women’s Health, Vogue, Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness and on the cover of Triathlete, Competitor and Runner’s World in the US.

  • Their rules: Tone It Up is the one place on the Internet where all women can relate with each other. These girls have created a community of strong women who support each other, and are surrounded by a unique and beautiful community. Their number 1 challenge for all their followers: the first thing to do when you wake up in the morning is workout for 30 minutes and then progress with the day.
  • Why follow them? The girls develop seasonal Nutrition Plans on their website for their readers, which includes detailed meal plans, a daily fitness challenge for the duration of the plan, a shopping list (with alternatives depending on countries) and a list of printable workouts targeting different body parts. From cardio to strength training, their really well shot workout videos on YouTube get over 300 million views. And their social media is full of just the right kind of fitspo you need on one of your lazy days.
  • Facebook: 390K //  Twitter: 184K // Instagram: 400K // YouTube: 456K // Website
Faya Nillson from Fitness on Toast, London-based

Fitness on toastWinner of Cosmopolitan’s Best Lifestyle Blog in 2014, Faya shares healthy recipes, offers nutritional tips, writes informative workout posts, and discusses ‘fitness fashion’ in this honest blog space from a very posh London suburb.

  • Her rules: Fitness on Toast offers new motivational training ideas and tips to fuel the body with nutritious and unusual recipes, both before and after the workout! Every post is an unbiased, honest, organic free-range view on fitness, nutrition and fashion.
  • Why follow her? Her blog posts provide the readers the mental training to complement the physical regime, and if gym goers want to know what they are doing and why… it’s all in Faya’s work. You can follow her fitness journey, as she travels the world, through her Facebook and Instagram feed — with tons of original and beautifully-shot images to feast the eyes.
  • Facebook: 19K // Twitter: 6K // Instagram: 30K // Website
Caroline Høgh Groth, Sydney-based

CarolineCaroline moved from Denmark to Bondi in 2010 and her life has changed in all possible ways since then. Today she’s a self-taught yogi, a cancer survivor, a vegan, a strength training addict and an avid cook. Her fitness mantra is to inspire others to lead a happy, healthy and nutritious life, no matter what life decides to throw at you.

  • Her rules: Since being treated for cancer, Caroline has changed her diet and lifestyle completely to made it as raw as it can be. She mostly eats vegetarian, and stick to all organic produce. Her motto: don’t let your happiness be dependent on other people, but you should be able to create your own happiness. In her cooking, she likes to not to use thousands of different ingredients – her recipes are about quick, easy and healthy dishes full of flavour that everyone can make.
  • Why follow her? Caroline’s website and social media pages are about having a new zest for life – she’s not just survived one of the world’s worst diseases, but she’s also given her followers a reason to believe that there is positivity and happiness in the world. Her in-gym fitness and yoga videos are inspiring — enough to make you want to get in those yoga pants and start doing pranayam.
  • Facebook: 4.8K //  Twitter: 2K // Instagram: 27.3K // Website
Luke Hines, Sydney-based
Luke HinesThis Bondi-based chef and trainer was initially known for his Paleo ways on popular reality show, My Kitchen Rules, and now he’s known to train a posh clientele based on the Eastern Suburbs beaches in Sydney. Luke also collaborates with some of the most popular chefs in Australia like Pete Evans, to give his social media followers food and body envy on a daily basis.
  • His rules: Eat paleo, organic and clean. He doesn’t believe in low-carb or low-fat diet fads, for him its the caveman way of living, all the way.
  • Why follow him? Lust-worthy photos of food and healthy breakfast and sweet treat recipes. Luke loves Instagramming about what his workout entails and of course, aside from his enviable body, you get to see it with a backdrop of beautifully-hued beaches.
  • Facebook: 16K // Twitter: 4K // Instagram: 27K //
Teresa Lopez, Sweden-based
Teresa LopezA 22-year-old Swedish girl who believes in sharing good food and mean fitness tips with strangers on the Internet. She’s not backed by any sponsor or a company; everything Teresa promotes or writes about is all authentic
  • Her rules: Giving fitness tips and sharing healthy recipes all based on personal experiences. Nothing featured on her page is preachy or sponsored, as the advice is all original and selfless.
  • Why follow her? Her ab-tastic images are inspiring to have on the newsfeed, especially when they come with a sneaky side of a green smoothie topped with chia seeds and fresh berries. Her Instavideos have a witty sense of humour and the exercise routines on her blog will make you want to get off your bum and do three sets of lunges. She’s young, she’s beautiful and positively inspiring.
  • Instagram: 318K // Website
Base Body Babes, Sydney-based
BaseBabesThese two beautiful sisters lead a fit and healthy life on the beaches of Sydney and inspire and empower other women to do the same and achieve their personal health and fitness goals. They have three customised fitness and wellbeing plans — all for four weeks each — for purchase on their site and a very personal blog space with some rather enviably toned images.
  • Their rules: Training that is based on a combination of strength and circuit style resistance training and a meal program that will detox your body, nourish and nurture your soul. These no-nonsense training programs follow an Aussie-style beach lifestyle.
  • Why follow them? These sisters’ approach to exercise is based on strength and resistance training. Their training packages include a four-week weights training program, a shopping guide, online support and some recipe ideas. If you want some motivation to kickstart your training and keep it local, then this is a very good place to start. Otherwise, if Instagram motivation through some really fit shots of these girls is enough, then their Insta page is worth a follow.
  • Instagram: 358K // Facebook: 10K // Twitter: 700 // Website

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