5 Online Workouts For Your Crazy Busy Holiday Schedule

Amelia Phillips

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With a Christmas pudding here and a cocktail there, it can get difficult to schedule in a long gym session. Especially when there are family and friends to cater to. But don’t let that stop you from being active for the next 10 days. If your workouts have been suffering for the past few days, then these 10 workouts are exclusively for you.

Try them in your living room, bedroom, backyard or kitchen. I promise you’ll feel much better about all the delicious food coming your way.

Tone It Up’s Full body workout series: 24 minutes and a set of dumbbells is all you need to feel this one in your muscles.

Jane Fonda’s 80s style floor work: This one is an oldie and almost like a time machine. What I love about it is how retro it is and somehow it still makes you feel the BURN.

My ‘Buns of Steel’ workout: Follow this set three times with only 30 second rests in between and you’ll be ready for that LBD on NYE night.

Tracy Anderson’s Arm workout: This woman is known to the arm workout whisperer; she’s trained celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba, so she really knows what she’s on about. 16 minutes of this rigorous arm workout is all you need this holiday season.

Mary Winsor’s 20 minutes Cardio Pilates workout: Another one that’s a blast from the past, and you’d be able to tell so from the haircuts. If you’re after something more easy but targeted at specific areas on the body, then 20 minutes of this Pilates routine should do it for you.

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