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Instagram offers endless sources of fitspiration, but it’s also great for discovering new exercises and healthy-living hacks — if you follow the right people, that is.

That’s why I’ve found 10 smart fitness experts who want to be your personal trainer. These pros, who are sought-after by A-listers and athletes for their innovative, effective routines, are uploading their expertise (as well as plenty of inspirational shots) on a daily basis.

Who says you need a gym to get fit?

  1. Jaycardiello – He wants you to move for 20 minutes per day — and he delivers functional exercises that get the job done without requiring a major time investment. Proof that his moves work? He’s trained athletes and celebs including Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Minka Kelly, and Ciara.
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  2. BalletBeautiful – Envy a flexible ballet body? Lily Aldridge and Liv Tyler can’t stop raving about Mary Helen Bowers’ ballet classes. She posts beautiful postures of herself; plus Bowers also trained Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan, so you know what to expect.
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  3. TracyAndersonMethod: Whether your’e a fan or not, Tracy Anderson is a go-to trainer for celebrities, including the one and only Gwyneth. While classes at Anderson’s high-end gyms aren’t cheap, her Instagram shares free videos and pictures of her moves — plus behind-the-scenes shots of her hanging and sweating with celeb friends.
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  4. 12WBT: You don’t just follow the success stories of all 12WBTers through this Instagram account, but get a truckload of inspiration for nutrition and fitness straight from the creators of this program that aims to transform your body like no other. Plus, plenty of behind the scenes shots of Michelle and her team.
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  5. LornaJaneActive: In addition to featuring photos of the brand’s super cute activewear, this account shares motivating quotes, travel photos of fellow Lorna Jane lovers across the world, delicious recipes and everything you need to get you out the door and have a killer sweat session. Love these guys!
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  6. ToneItUp: These two Californian babes and best friends run a seasonal fitness and nutrition program for their U.S. audience but also share free workout videos, nutritious recipes and success stories via their Instagram account. They are stunning, have an enviable body and definitely know who their audience it. Follow their personal account for motivation as you see them workout
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  7. FitnessFirstAU: Have a Fitness First membership but can’t get yourself to go to the gym on a Saturday morning? Follow this Insta account and when you see them motivate you at 9am on a cozy morning, you will leap out of bed for a FF spin class. Relaunched, rebranded and brilliant in their motivation approach, follow these guys!
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  8. MishBridges: You’ve seen her on the Biggest Loser, you’ve seen her run a marathon, and now you can follow her exercise regime by her personal account. If you need any AB-spiration, Mishy has got you covered.
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  9. Trainer_Luke: How many of you would complain if a gorgeous Bondi surfer popped up in your timeline every day? I’m guessing none of you… Not just a pretty face, this personal trainer from Bondi, part of the hot pair from My Kitchen Rules (Remember Scott and Luke from Bondi in 2013?) and a very inspiring man to follow – Luke Hines is the next face of clean, paleo living who will inspire you to surf, make delicious food and do it all while you look at his abs! Win-win situation. You can also follow his business partner Scott Gooding.
  10. Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.25.28 PMWomensHealthAus: Australia’s leading health and fitness magazine doesn’t just have a monthly copy to keep you motivated, but their social account is just as inspiring. Starting from a morning dose of inspiration to making sure you get a good night’s sleep – this account would inspire you all through the day.
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  11. A bonus one… make sure you’re following me — AmeliaBurton — for inspiration, motivation and links to my favourite posts from the website. (Plus my two babies might make a surprise appearance as well). Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.48.31 PM


What’s your favourite account to follow on Instagram for a daily dose of health, fitness and nutrition inspiration?

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