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Amelia Phillips

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It’s that time of the month where you line your gym bag with your trainers and fitness gear the night before and set your alarms for 5am (no snooze here!).

Crack Of Arse is here, once again, and for everyone who’s been doing it with me for over a year now, knows the drill.

The ones who are new to its idea – click here and read all the competition details.

It’s the first Crack Of Arse for 2013; that time of the year when almost every New Year Resolution list has something fitness-related in it. So, to help you kickstart that, I thought, why not up the game in what you all get in return as well.

Get ready for this one, all my Crack Of Arsers: for the January round of ‘Crack Of Arse’, I’m giving away a prize to each and every one of you who participates. All of you. Each of you. No compromises here.

You are still to do the five days of starting to train between 5-7 a.m, and still tweet me a photo of your pretty face, but as long as that’s done, you will get a delicious present from my and my friends at Slim Secrets.

Slim Secrets will be sending a pack of two of their delicious new flavours of protein bar and balls. The package will include Morning Rev up bar and Mint Fit Balls – both good enough to fuel you up after you sweat up a storm between January 7 – 11.

Make sure you read all the Crack of Arse rules here, and follow me on Twitter @AmeliaBurton.

Want more – follow Slim Secrets on Twitter – @SlimSecrets

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