Workout Music: Amelia’s Workout Playlist for Your Ipod

Amelia Phillips

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Following on from my Workout Music Blog, I want to give you some of my fav songs to workout to.

You can even create your own imixes in itunes and share with others.  Click on Learn how to create a public playlist in iTunes to find out how. Be aware that Itunes will only publish songs that are available to purchase, so your list might be shortened.

One of my readers, Tanya, has also sourced another great website for downloading workout playlists called  In the Gym.

These are some of my favorite tunes to workout to or you can View one of my workout playlists in intunes. What are some of your fav songs to workout to?


  • We Found love – Rihanna
  • Musclecars – Milo
  • Wonderful life – Gwen Stefani
  • Push – Madonna
  • If I ever feel better – phoenix
  • Take a picture – filter
  • Wonderful life (dance version) – Tina Cousins
  • The best thing – Hook n sling
  • Everywhere (Cabin Crew radio mix) – Moustache


  • Ministry of sounds running trax Dec 2010 (itunes album)
  • Ministry of sounds running trax June 2011 (itunes album)
  • Running 105 all hits! (itunes album)

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  • susan

    Hey I have some of those songs on my ipod lol

    I love discount fitness apparel

  • PeterJ

    Hi Amelia, thanks for the songs. I already had some of them but i have purchased the rest and will be using them on my next run!

  • Coop

    Hi Amelia,
    I’ve been curious as to how an create a workout mix. Thanks! I’ll have my tech savy daughter work on that for me.

  • Amelia Burton

    Hi PeterJ,

    Isn’t it funny that we have the same taste in music!!!


  • Amelia Burton

    Hi Coop,

    Tech savvy children are worth their weight in gold aren’t they! Enjoy!