5.5 Ways to Change the Shape of Your Body – Fast!

Amelia Phillips

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So we know that the only way to make a big difference to our body shape is long term lifestyle adjustments with eating and exercise, but that doesn’t help for next week’s big event does it? I am constantly asked what the tricks are to change one’s body shape fast. Heidi Klum had just one month after her baby was born to get svelte enough to model Victorias Secrets lingerie range or she’d lose a 2.5 million dollar deal – no pressure!

Follow these 5.5 ways to change your body shape fast. I can’t promise you’ll have a stomach like Heidi Klum’s, but it’ll be an improvement on what’s poking out now!

No bread before bed!

Although I am not a fan of low carb diets long term, there is no doubt that reducing your carbohydrate intake slims you down short term and does wonders for flattening a stomach and increasing muscle definition.

There are a few fascinating reasons low carb diets work short term. Firstly, they rid your body of unwanted excess fluid. In order to digest simple carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes), the body requires a lot of fluid to break this down. In addition many people are intolerant to gluten and their bodies react by retaining even more water and giving that bloated look that we all try to avoid.

Secondly, by eliminating one massive component of a person’s diet, ie carbs, often the total calories consumed each day are reduced. This will also help to flatten the stomach (less food in there) and shed excess body weight.

Before you decide to eliminate carbs all together, I suggest taking my metabolic typing quiz. If you are a carb or a mixed type, I would not suggest eliminating carbs altogether. It’s not worth the pain and anguish you will put loved ones through. You might look good, but you’ll be a cranky bugger!

I suggest: having some carbs for breaky, such as porridge or toast, and then avoiding them for the rest of the day. Instead, increase your complex carbohydrates (coloured veggies) through salads, and increase your protein intake whether it be through lean meat or legumes. You can follow any of the low carb diets if it’s easier (Zone, Atkins etc), but I simply tell my clients, if it’s white and fluffy, or packed with sugar don’t eat it!

Cardio Boxing

There is something about cardio boxing that changes body shapes fast. It might be the fast push/pull action of punching that gives the shoulders and arms more definition. It could also be the pace of the workout that send hearts a beating and muscles a quivering. But one of the best things about boxing is it combines the fat burning and body shaping into one intense workout. There are very few other sports that can do this in such a fun, accessible manner.

Cardio boxing usually involves other exercises such as lunges, push ups, dips, and whatever else the instructor decides to inflict on you. So when you are gasping for air, rather than a nice 60 second rest, why not catch your breath whilst doing dips on a bench – ingenious!

I suggest: either joining a boxing class, or finding a personal trainer for a one-on-one session, and going every other day until your event. If you have a punching bag you can do this on your own as well. Try a two minute round: 60 seconds fast punching, with 60 seconds strength component (for example: push ups, tricep dips, lunges, over head shoulder presses with hand weights), and a sliding scale rest. Make your first rest 20 seconds, your second rest 40 seconds, your third rest 60 seconds, fifth rest back to 40 seconds, and your final rest 20 seconds. That’s a ten minute round. Repeat that twice and you’ll change your body-shape in no time!

Spin, Squats, lunges and calf raises

Out of all the leg exercises out there, these exercises can change the shape of your legs the fastest. Spin class has the added fat burning component which affects your entire body. If you want a peachy butt, then kick into some squats, and be sure to drive through your heels. If you are looking for sexy, slender yet defined legs, nothing beats lunges. Travelling lunges are my favourite, and don’t be afraid to carry some hefty hand weights or bar across your shoulders. Unfortunately calf shape is very genetic, but how hard is it to stand on a step and do 150 calf raises. Try them one legged and don’t stop until they are screaming, and I mean screaming!

I suggest: A leg session every other day. It could be a spin class or a session in the weights room. For lunges, squats, and calf raises, a minimum of 4 sets, 12 reps and a mandatory grimace at the end. You should be close to failure at the end of each set, and if your muscles aren’t aching the next day, ramp it up big time!

Stand up straight

Believe it or not, the fastest way to change the shape of your body is stand up straight. Want a flatter stomach, bigger chest, sexy back, lots of presence. Stand up straight!

I suggest: 2 yoga classes or body balance classes per week. Rent a home DVD if you can’t be bothered to leave the house. If you can handle hot yoga (I hate it!) you may shed a few extra kilos too.

Be a style guru

This is a fun point as it requires little energy. Know what looks good on you. Know the little tricks, for example moisturised skin always looks more defined. A tan creates a more toned look. There are many websites and publications devoted to matching styles to body shapes and tricks of the trade. Don’t put all this hard work into your look and blow it by wearing a bold patterned shirt that makes you look like an umbrella! On that note, apparently vertical stripes are out and horizontal ones are in. Don’t believe me, click here!

I suggest: For the girls I like Trinny and Susannah, and Carson Kressleys Tips for your body type . For the boys, take this style quiz to see what styles suit you.

Check your attitude

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Many people struggle to change their body shape in their own eyes. Countless hours of effort all in vain because we are our own worse critics and tend to focus on the negatives and not the positives. Next time you catch a glimpse of yourself a la natural, find at least five things you are happy with, and when you step out at your next big event, even if you feel there are fifty things you’re not happy with, focus on the five you like, and just maybe, over time, your body shape will change in the eyes of the most important person – you!

Do you have any other tricks that have got great results, fast? What’s your secret?  Heidi Klum, if you’re reading, how on earth did you do it in a month? Was it worth it? We think so!

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  • http://www.ameliaburton.com.au Joe Donaldson

    Whatever you do, don’t do what I did and take those anti-fat drugs, like xenecal. I might have been a bit lighter, but I spent the night on the toilet, nursing stomach cramps!

  • http://blog.freefitnesstips.co.uk/quick-weight-loss-tips.html Tom Parker

    Good post Amelia. One thing I have been trying recently which is quite effective but difficult is fasting.once or twice a week. It’s quite a shock to the system but if you manage to go the full day without food (lots of hot drinks always help me) you will notice positive differences to your body shape. In particular I noticed the relatively stubborn fat from my stomach was seriously reduced.

  • http://www.ameliaburton.com.au Amelia Burton

    Hi Tom,

    I know a few people who swear by fasting once per week. Many people have an issue with overeating so this can assist in keeping total calories consumed down. It sounds difficult and threatens to reduce energy levels, but I have heard the opposite. Good comment Tom!

  • http://www.ameliaburton.com.au Amelia Burton

    Hi Joe,

    You poor thing! I have heard some horror stories about fat loss drugs. Steer clear of them, there’s an easier way…


  • http://blog.freefitnesstips.co.uk/quick-weight-loss-tips.html Tom Parker

    Hi Amelia,

    I’ve also heard the opposite but speaking from experience it is quite difficult. When it gets to early evening on a fasting day I often find that I’m quite tired, drained of energy and feeling the hunger pangs. However, I find that the challenging nature of fasting makes achieving a full day fast and then eating breakfast the following morning all the more satisfying.


  • http://www.yourguidetofitness.blogspot.com suddenly slimmer

    Nice article, i do low carb and i lost 10kg

  • http://www.ameliaburton.com.au Amelia

    Hi Suddenly Slimmer,

    Low carb is good. No carb leads to yoyo. don;t be tempted!


  • http://www.snobs.com.au Carlee

    I couldn’t agree more re: cutting down on carbs. Years ago I tried the Atkins diet for a magazine article I was writing and I definitely lost weight but experiencing ketosis (the state your body enters when it thinks it’s being starved) made me feel so out of it I could barely write the stupid story! Ha-ha.
    Not long after that I self-diagnosed, er, myself with wheat/gluten intolerance. Allergy tests said I was fine but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to cut out the BIG CARBS; bread, pasta etc. I’ve felt better and found it easier to keep off weight ever since!
    MY TIP FOR CHANGING YOUR BODY SHAPE FAST: give yourself a wake-up call by taking a picture of your backside view (maybe side-view for men). I’ve recently let myself go a bit, pretty much since launching my own business. I’ve been feeling like crap and my self-portrait backside picture helped confirm the damage!
    So I’ve set myself the task of achieving a life-change before I turn 30 – nine weeks from now. I’m documenting my progress (including the backside pictures – eek!) at an online magazine for businesswomen, called SNOBS.
    I’d love to get some feedback or advice from anyone else who has attempted a big lifestyle overhaul. AND I’m hoping to recruit a few people to join me! So drop by and say hi. My Week 1 write-up is featured on SNOBS’ homepage, it’s called “Fix Before 30″.

  • http://www.ameliaburton.com.au Amelia Burton


    What a great topic! I turned 30 late last year and yes, feeling good on your birthday is the best present you can give yourself. I can’t wait to see the before and after shots.

    Let me know when the final article is out…

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  • http://mebsthebulge.com Amanda

    Definitely agree with cutting the bread. I have had some much more success after limiting bread intake and I couldn’t be happier! I also suggest drinking green tea, eating lots of high quality lean protein, eating lots of green, leafy vegetables and drinking a little apple cider vinegar with warm water in the morning to flush out the system and rev up the metabolism. I’ve got lots of tried and tested tips on my blog if you’re interested! :-) Amanda

  • http://www.reallifeforhealth.com Maggie

    Thanks for the tips. I’ll be having my first baby in June, and I’m really hoping to get my body back fast after that. I will definitely bookmark this page and keep these tips in mind. I don’t know if you’re looking for other sites that really do a good job with nutrition and fitness, or if you will consider this stepping on toes. If I’m stepping on toes, sorry, you can just delete the comment, but if you’re open to suggestions- -My husband and I are really happy with the program we’re using through http://www.reallifeforhealth.com. Their system is really easy to use and it does everything. They have 1000′s of different recipes to choose from and they help you build a fitness and nutrition plan that suits your goals. For the nutrition part they even send you printable daily meal plans and menus, as well as printable daily or weekly grocery lists, which are broken down by the area of the grocery store or supermarket. I like that all the recipes contain 12 ingredients or less, so they are easy enough for even my hubby to cook. And I like that there’s no fad diets, pills, or required supplements. Their exercises are all made by a certified personal trainer and come with printable workout cards and details of how the exercises are done. If I’m not stepping on any toes, I suggest you check them out. They offer a free trial anyway, so there’s harm in trying.

  • http://HowToLoseWeightSolutions Dana Eden

    Hi Amelia,
    Enjoyed reading your post. I am a pilates instructor and standing up straight is great advice. Getting your body in good posture can take years off how you look and feel.

  • http://gmail Lihle

    Hi! Please help me.i started arvi’s for hiv &aids since 2008.after that my body shape change like a stick sweet.docters changed the threatment 3times.bt nothing change.i wish i could stop eating treatment!help pls

  • Em

    Hi Amelia, I’m very impressed with your blogs! So far I love this one the most. I’m so glad I stumbled across your website, very good information. I really like the boxing suggestion and I’m going to try your little workout tomorrow! :) Thanks for the support!

  • Magz

    Hi There,
    I have just started my weight loss journey on WEIGHT WATCHERS. This program is a point system based diet. I can eat anything i want, whenever i want. The do encourage to eat lots of vegetables and fruits. They also encourage to have wraps instead of heavy breads. Pastas are in the mix but are high in POINTS.
    5 years ago in 2 months i lost 15 kilos. This was a very low carb high protein diet. But since i ate like that for a long time my body ended up putting back on 25 kilos more :( This was due to my body needing carbs to burn calories. I was having at least 600 – 800 calories a day! But infact why my body had put on so much weight when i was being so good at eating was because there was there was no calories to burn so it stored it as fat!
    It feels so weird eating pasta and rice. I have lost 2 kilos. This is my 1st week. I am 87 kilos at this time and my goal is to be 62 kilos. I will update you on my weight loss journey :)

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