Matt Preston’s Fitness Regime

Amelia Phillips

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Recently Kerri-Anne Kennerly was curious to know how on earth I was going to get Matt Preston in shape. She wanted to know if foodies can actually be fit, and what my top tips are for getting someone like Matt into shape.  Here is our interview:

My Top Tips to Becoming a Fit Foodie


  • Begin with a 2 week Detox to kick start your metabolism
  • Learn how long it takes to burn off certain foods
  • Don’t get portion distortion
  • Get creative with low calorie, high flavour foods
  • Eat even sized meals throughout day


  • Train before breakfast on an empty stomach
  • Wear a heart rate monitor and count your calories burnt
  • Pick exercises that burn the most calories
  • Something is better than nothing!

Are you a foodie? Do you think foodies can be fit too???

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  • Tim

    Hi Amelia

    “Train before breakfast on an empty stomach”


  • David Hughes

    Am I a foodie? Hell, yes! In fact I decided to get fit the day after I enjoyed consecutive visits to Universal in Darlinghurst and Rock in the Hunter – that’s four hats in two nights! Had me pushing 100 kgs.

    Can a foodie be fit? Hell yes! Three months later I’m 80 kgs. Three things which worked for me:

    1) Drink as few of your calories as possible. Not none, because you can’t wish yourself into a monk, but all the unnecessary ones.

    2) Get out of the restaurant, and into the kitchen. Now, when I go to heaven, I fully expect it to consist of excellent food, fine wine and great company in a wonderful setting. Food and drink lies close to the heart of all the relationships I cherish, and relationships are what makes life worth living. How do you give that up? The main thing I did was to enrol my friends in the challenge of my new regime. We made an endless joke about the “No Fun Diet,” and so when we went to restaurants no one was put out if I didn’t order the next bottle of red, or the cheese plate.

    Better than that, we started entertaining and being entertained at home, where YOU are in control of how much butter goes in the sauce. One of our friends even displayed hidden talents in the kitchen. Now, it didn’t hurt that he served us the most delicious lamb rack, sourced from the providores which Damien Pignolet uses for Bistro Moncur, but then again, I didn’t say this had to be foodie hell, either.

    3) Make healthier choices. Menus are there for a reason, and that reason is choice. I have found that there are fitter choices to be made, even on the most unlikely menus. I knew I had cracked it on a footie boys night out in the Bellevue Hotel in Paddington, where, bodyswerving such rib-sticking classics as goat’s cheese souffle, wagyu beef burgers and Sydney’s dead-set best lamb cutlets, I found a delicious, lightly sauced linguine. And after seeing that, no-one was surprised when I had water instead of beer – well, at least for one round!

    Of course, you also have to tick the main non-foodie fitness box too – use up more calories than you take in. Because trainers will make you fit – and hot – but diets make you thin.

    So there you have it – the foodies guide to fitness success. Good luck with Matt – if he can do it while maintaining his career, he deserves to be a fitness hero.

  • SuccessfullySlim

    The secret to loving your food and also being a healthy weight is keeping portions as small as possible while savouring every mouthful. Most of the time you get 90% of the enjoyment from a small piece of cake that you would get from a large piece twice the size.