Interview: Joanna McMillan Price On the Best Snacks

Amelia Phillips

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Ever wondered what the top nutritionists recommend for healthy snacks???  I recently had the pleasure of interviewing my nutrition idol Dr Joanna McMillan Price on her top tips for snacking. Joanna has written many fantastic books on health and nutrition. She comes from a strong research background, yet has a brilliant way of explaining things in practical terms.  She walks her talk and is one of the most highly respected Nutritionists in Australia.

Two key lessons really stood out for me:

  1. Spread out your meals: You will expend more calories (ie speed up your metabolism) if you spread your calories out in the day (rather than eating 2-3 larger meals). That’s why if you skip breakfast then eat more than half your daily calories after 4pm, you will probably struggle to lose weight.
  2. Beware Foods that Drive Hunger: The three main drivers for hunger (ie these things make you want to eat more) is Fat, Sugar, Salt. Food manufacturers know this so they load up food with these things. Chips: Fat and Salt. Chocolate bar: Fat and Sugar – ouch!

Joanna’s top Snack Pics:

  • Fruit/veggies: Bananas, Oranges, apples, strawberries, carrot sticks, celery sticks.
  • Muesli bars (Be Natural are her top pick). Beware of fat and sugar content.
  • Small portion sizes of nuts and seeds.

What are your favourite snacks that follow my guide of  SIMPLE – NUTRITIOUS – DELICIOUS?

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  • Heather Smith

    I love Joanna McMillan Price – this is a really useful reminder – my day involves dropping the kids at school at 8:30 – working with clients – picking the kids up at 3:30 – so I constantly have this 7 hour period of non eating & then am ravenous – thanks for the suggestions about the Be Natural muesli bars. I have never tried them. I saw Joanna at FILEX and loved her Good Mood Food talk. aNything to make it easier to understand!

    Thanks Amelia!

  • Jo F

    Thanks for the great tips on snacks ! I really really struggle with snacking at work due to an over-abundance of free food in our Tea Room (much of it is very high in carbs). If I had a healthy yummy snack I would be less inclined to reach for the high carb freebie on offer. I will rush out and buy those museli bars and some nuts and fruit ! Thank you !

  • GirlonRaw

    Great ideas and interview. Thanks for sharing!

  • fiona cosgrove

    Well done girls. That was a timely and incredibly useful interview for me as I had just finished a session with a client in which we had discussed snacks and some healthly alternatives. i can now forward him this page and know he will get the answers he needs! good work and thanks for sharing. Fiona

  • Brooke

    It’s not my aim to be a pain, I just think you can write better than this. More content would be a start.