Should You Weigh Yourself For Weight Loss?

Amelia Phillips

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Recently I appeared on mornings with Kerri-Anne  to discuss whether it is necessary to weigh yourself for weight loss. It’s an interesting debate and one that I have very strong views about. Watch the discussion below…

What has your experience with the scales been? How frequently do you weigh yourself?

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  • Gary Halbedel

    I weigh myself every day immediately after getting up and going to the bathroom. I have a funky old analog scale though and would like to get something more modern.
    I know it’s probably counterproductive but I like to plot it on a graph and publish it to my blog.

  • Doug

    Instead of using a scale, I prefer either of these two methods

    1. The bathroom mirror as I hop out of the shower…it never lies.

    2. How my clothes fit