Choosing Exercises to Fit Your Lifestyle

Amelia Phillips

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Recently on Mornings with Kerri-Anne we discussed exercising throughout your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.

What are some of the best exercises for different age groups and what should you be focusing on?

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  • Michele

    Amelia, disappointed that you have pretty much dismissed anyone over 50 to limited work, it came off a bit lame unfortunately. Reinforcing the sterotype of just giving up to age ………. Sad and wrong. Michele

  • Amelia Burton

    Hi Michele,

    Remember this is a 3min segment on mid morning TV, with a viewing audience of completely de-conditioned individuals. To suggest anything but low impact activity with this short amount of time and no explanation would be negligent on my part. I am fully aware that some of the fittest and strongest people are over 50 (they beat me in my running club), but unfortunately they are a low percentage and KAK appeals to the masses thus I need to deliver accordingly. Thanks for your passionate comment though, glad to see you feel stronly on the issue.

  • Deb

    Glad to see the video included, not just an explanation. Many people are so intimidated by beginning a workout routine that if you just throw out terms like “plank” they will walk away in frustration!

  • Gary Halbedel

    I’m 62 and I thought your guidelines for 50′s were right on with my own experience. I’m frequently dealing with injuries related to postural issues, having to really focus on diet and be consistent with exercise. Something every day is best.

  • Christy

    In my experience continuing cardio vascular routines throughout your life is a major plus, especially as it is easy to do less as you become older.

    Remaining fit with a strong, healthy heart by doing any exercise regardless of age will benefit you.