Burning off the Easter Eggs – What does it take?

Amelia Phillips

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Recently I appeared on Mornings with Kerry-Anne Kennerly to discuss what it takes to burn off those Easter eggs.  Here’s some examples of what you would have to do to burn off your eggs:

  • a small 7g mini Easter egg: 8 minutes of brisk walking (6.5km/hr) or 4minutes of jogging, skipping or boxing
  • a medium 25g egg: 30min brisk walking or 14 minutes of jogging, skipping or boxing
  • a large 100g egg: 2hr brisk walking, 1hr jogging, skipping or boxing

Some of the Questions Asked

Q. We’ve heard the studies about chocolate and red wine being good for you, so is chocolate really that bad?

  • Bad only if you eat too much. 7g or 1 square per day is all you need to take advantage of health benefits
  • Chocolate is calorie dense, nutrient poor. High in Sugar and fat, low in nutrients
  • Dark chocolate is better as it contains antioxidants from the cocoa beans.

Q. What is chocolate made of?

  • Cocoa beans, milk, fat, sugar, often many flavour chemicals

Q. Why is saturated fat worse for our bodies?

  • Saturated fat hardens at room temperature, eg animal fat from red meat, butter, chocolate. It raises your LDL (bad cholesterol), has been associated with increase risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Q. How many grams of fat should we be eating a day?

  • 45 for women and 60 for men. Preferably from mono unsaturated or poly unsaturated fats. Avoid Trans fats at all costs

Q. And what about carbs per day?

  • Average woman 180g, trying to lose weight 100g per day.

The Verdict

Whilst one to two squares of chocolate per day has some health benefits, overdoing it quickly tips the scales. Dark chocolate (70% or higher) has considerably higher health benefits, so stick to dark and use it as a treat, not a daily snack.

What’s your plan of attack for keeping the sugar cravings at bay? Can you stop at just one egg, or once you break the seal is it all over?

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