Celebrity Workouts and Diet Regimes: Straight From The Trainers

Amelia Phillips

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Have you ever wondered what exactly the celebrities do to stay so hot and sexy? One magazine company FitnesMagazine.com have collated over 50 celebrity workouts straight from the celebrity trainers. It’s very kitch but you can try Demi Moore’s Butt workout, or Uma Thurman’s Shoulder exercises. Maybe you’d like to know how Angelina Jolie trains her legs and abs!?! There are some silly exercises in there but also some good variations of the traditional exercises such as twisting lunges (Angelina Jolie).

I particularly like the video above of a variation of the twisting crunch, called The Rockette. Try it, it’s actually quite effective. Watch your lower back though…

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  • http://www.ameliaburton.com.au Sandy Burke

    That Rockette exercise looks really hard! Is there an easier version?

  • http://www.ameliaburton.com.au Ruth Patterson

    Angelina Jolie exercising??? I’d like to see her do a twisting lunge, she looks about as strong as wet spaghetti!