The 5 Minute Rule!

Amelia Phillips

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Next time you are struggling to find the motivation to do a workout, try the 5-minute rule!

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  • Daryl M


    I had not heard of the “5 minute rule” but I agree with the idea and have done same in practice. A little warm up is all that is necessary

    Something I will do if I am feeling over trained is to change plan to a workout that will still give benefit.

    For example I may swap a planned weight session for a “Balance” class. The class environment tends to pull you through the routine and the stretching and movement aids recovery and posture.

    Then there are days like to day when I went in feeling down.
    I swapped my weight session for a boxing class which absolutely rocked.

    Daryl M

  • Erika

    I love this rule, I have used the same thing, except I called it “just get out the door.” When I’m about to talk myself out of going for a run I just say, just get your shoes on and get out the door and I can always come back… yeah I always end up going, cause I’m out there anyway, right?

  • Amelia Burton

    Haha Daryl, I love it! Sometimes we just need to lighten up and have a bit of fun with our workouts… boxing will often have that effect. Keep it up!

  • Amelia Burton

    Hi Erika,
    “Just get out the door!” yes it’s a great alternative to the “5 min rule”. I love it!

    That old Nike saying works wonders as well…

  • Miguel Wickert

    Nice video, great advice!

  • Amelia Burton

    Thanks Miguel,
    More to come!

  • pkay

    That is really good. Even as an instructor there are days when I just don’t feel like going, but I go so I don’t let down my peeps. You’re right after the warm-up I really start to get into it and end having a great workout. I love teaching Turbo Kick. You just have to get out the door. Like the others said. Love it.

  • markFu

    Years ago when I lived in the upper midwest of the US, Milwaukee, to be specific, I was an avid runner but after working all day in the snow and cold, especially the way below freezing cold, I used what I called The Rule of Ten, which stated that if this isn’t a scheduled day off, I would get out there an run for ten minutes and all 10 ended up going further away from home. Then, if I really wasn’t up to it, I could turn around and backcome b home. Even then, I had a 20 minute run, but I rarely had to invoke the Rule. I did the same thing as a long distance speedskater. Worked great!

  • MarkFu

    A follow-up to what I just commented on: the less you think about doing your training when you don’t want to, the better. I developed a routine that when I came home from work I put on a cassette that had some of my favorite music on. I would change to w/out clothes, stretch and move around a bit and really kept my mind fairly blank, which was preferable to garbage self-talk that would rationalize away my workout. By the time my “motivating songs” played, I was fired up, and out the door I went. That routine was key for me.

  • Amelia Burton

    Hi Pkay,

    I’m sure it’s refreshing for others to hear that even instructors get de-motivated! But what separates the winners is the self talk, such as the 5 minute rule, that gets them out the door!

  • Amelia Burton

    Awesome advice Mark,
    I love the cassette story… makes me think of a scene out of foot Loose! I am also intrigued to know there is a sport called long distance speed skating… is that done on one really long frozen river? Don’t tell me you skate around in circles for hours… I’m dizzy thinking about it!

  • Addiction Treatment

    i think this rule is really effective.nice video too…

  • Anonymous

    if you replace “workout” with sexy-time. dot dot dot …

    but seriously Amelia.. definition is the best gym in the world. and without you guys.. i would not be getting any “work outs” whatsoever


  • Anonymous

    Thankyou Amelia, always a pleasure to see your posotive smiley face- and always so inspiring!! Looking forward to having a great 5 minute plus 6 hrs per day on the ski slopes this year- great way to get fit!!

  • Amelia Burton

    Thanks Troy,

    It’s not ‘that’ kind of a website cheeky!!!!

  • Black Hat Millionaire

    Glad I just found your wordpress blog through Google.

    Found just what I was looking for, thanks =)

    Btw, wat plugins are you using??

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  • Daniel Munday

    Cool tip Amelia, I like it. Big thing is you’ve gotta listen to your body and not just make it as an I can’t be bothered day.