Eating Right Coconut milk and tea

Comparing Coconut Milk Brands

*Note: I have no affiliation in any way to either product, have not recieved samples or been commisioned.  There are SO many coconut milk brands now on the market, how…

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Latest Trends burpee

Benefits of the Burpee!

A Burpee is the Broccoli of Exercise – so much goodness coming from one thing! Mention the exercise Burpee and for some reason we start sweating even before attempting one!…

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Eating Right 2535_apple_sandwiches

The Best Snacks For Weight Loss

              Here’s a great article from my other business, the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation on the best snacks for weight loss. In…

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Weight Loss a42d8a18505be317_fridge-pal.xxxlarge

How Many Calories Should I Eat Per Day?

I am a fan of calorie counting for weight loss and I’ll tell you why… Why calorie counting is good Calorie Counting teaches you the energy density of food, and…

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Motivation thorpe-triathlon-2014

Fitness Bucket List: Some Great Ideas

What is on your fitness bucket list? We all love a good list – shopping list, to do list and the infamous bucket list. But if you want to stay active…

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Fitness coffee-ending (1)

Should You Have Coffee Before You Exercise?

Long blacks, Short blacks, Lattes, Cappucinos, Bubbacinos and even Puppycinos, however you like it, coffee, or should I say caffeine, is an integral part of most people’s daily ritual. Research…

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